Don’t go unless you’re going. You’re there for a reason, you’re here for a reason. The sun will rise and it will set and now there are a few more hours of light. These flowers will bloom and soon they will dry. They don’t have a choice, but you do. You have the choice to get in the car on a Saturday and drive past the city. Arrive in an alternate reality where no building reaches higher than a level. You can drop down the rabbit hole with a couple of your best friends and enter a world without worry. You develop an intimate connection with the airborne bugs that crawl in your hair and tickle your arm. The poppies dance lazily in the breeze and the sun illuminates the clarity of the sky on any given spring afternoon. Think about the days you spent at summer camp lying in the open fields listening to the melodies of nature and dreaming about the future. The future is here and it will be nothing of what you had imagined but it is wonderful nonetheless. Don’t forget the child inside who dreamt about love and fairytales. This life is amazing and beautiful and full of love, you just have to open your eyes and find it all around you.

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