The Great Quest Quest: Utah

The Great Quest West is a series recounting the two-week road trip my brother and I took this August through eight of the most western states.

August 13, 2015

I manage to sleep the whole drive to Zion.The hike to the Emerald Pools was steep, rocky, and hot, but we made our way to the lower, middle, and upper pools as well as the Grotto. The pools were relatively dried up. We leave Zion shortly after and make our way northeast to the campgrounds at the top of the scenic Route 12. Almost four hours of driving we encounter torrential downpours of rain and lightning as well as plenty of dead deer and other woodland creatures on the side of the road, but at least we cheated ourselves into a tank of free gas. Utah really is something. The campgrounds are more secluded than others and has a warning signs for an elusive brown bear. The camp hosts were cowboys who hated California. They prefer to live their lives in an RV, traveling with their little white dog as far away from city life as humanly possible.

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