revisited: bastille day




Originally written July 14, 2014 while studying in Paris for the summer:

The last hints of a rosy sunset behind our backs as we looked on to the glittering water that would lead us to the Eiffel Tower for the fireworks. We all shared an eclectic array of wines in cheap plastic cups and toasted to an unforgettable night, which it was. The boat riveted its engine and we began to float effortlessly down the metallic water. At every bridge we flung our heads back and yelled into the oblivion in joyous ecstasy, commemorating the celebration of the one-hundred year anniversary of freedom. The crowds gathered on each bridge echoed our cheers and we were instantly bonded in lively happiness. The tower spun around in glitter, perfectly choreographed execution, complimenting the freehanded dance in the sky hovering over the bridge. A sequence of daring reds, champagnes flutters, and dark blue hues illuminated the sky. As I caught the reflection of the fireworks in the water and lit the mesmerized faces of my classmates I felt infinite. This moment was the purest form of happiness and life. Real, honest, true, life. All the emotions built up in my heart and I hugged myself to acknowledge this surreal moment was in fact my reality. I felt so lucky to be able to experience all the love and happiness within myself, reflected in my peers, and shared by a united city surrounding me. Life is so wonderfully beautiful. I painted that image, those feelings, the moment permanently into my soul, I will never forget being twenty years old living in Paris for the summer and falling in love with life all over again on a boat on the Seine watching sparkling fireworks dance across the night sky. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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